About Redi2Infaq

Redi2Infaq is an online one-stop aggregator program to assist Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and, other Charitable organisations and agencies as a medium to reach out for volunteers and contributions to fund and run their Charitable project for the less fortunate and the betterment of society as a whole.

Our Core Values


Contribute to a Cause

Your contribution will be channelled to registered charities and/or NGO in Redi2Infaq.


Become A Volunteer

Redi2Infaq Troopers is the name that a volunteer program to help promote onsight activities to give the extra hands. Join Us today!


Corporate Sponsorship

We welcome corporate organization to your CSR’s program with Redi2Infaq for wider reach.

What We Do?

Redi2Infaq uses technology as a means to promote a multi-prong approach to reach out to gain assistance and to give in achieving better fund-raising capacity to reach your desired goals.

The goal of Redi2Infaq is to educate and promote doing good and helping society. We are open to all walks of the society.