FAQs Redi2Infaq


1. I didn't receive a confirmation after a successful transaction The transaction might have been successful, but we might have not received a confirmation from the bank, in such instances we recommend you wait at least 24 hrs to see the confirmation from Redi2Infaq. If you still don't receive a confirmation from Redi2Infaq, please note the transaction has been marked as failed and the transaction has been reversed. You will see the credited amount in your account in 5-7 working days. If you still have any inquiries, please write to [email protected].

2. How can I get an update regarding the fundraiser I supported? Visit redi2infaq.com, select the campaigner you supported, and click on the ‘Program Update’ button. We encourage all campaigners to regularly post updates on their programs to let donors know of the progress of their program and details regarding the utilisation of the funds that have been raised. We also have a team that reaches out to campaigners to help them post quality updates thus upholding Redi2Infaq's high standards of transparency and accountability.

3. How do I contact a campaigner? We recommend that you visit the campaigner social media site to be in touch with the campaigner.

4. Does the donation reach the individual directly? Yes, your donation goes to the campaigner directly when Redi2Infaq performs settlement.

5. The transaction had failed, but I receive a confirmation that the transaction was a success?In such an instance you will either receive a confirmation from your bank that the transaction was successful, or you will receive a message from your bank that the transaction has failed. If the transaction has failed it will also reverse accordingly on Redi2Infaq in 48 hrs.


1. How do I report a fundraiser that seems fraudulent? With malicious intentions, we instantly take necessary action. If you come across such a campaign, we request you to kindly report it to us along with evidence to support your claim. Our team will investigate it immediately and ensure there’s a swift resolution to the issue. The following are instances in which you should report a campaign:

A. The campaigner is lying or being misleading about their identity.
B. The campaigner is misrepresenting their relationship to the beneficiary of the campaign.
C. The campaigner is created campaign in the name of someone without their consent.
D. The campaigner is posting false statements in the program or statements inciting violence.
E. The campaigner is posting personal information eg. number, address, illness, photos, documents, etc. of an individual without their consent.
F. The campaigner is using copyrighted material in a program.
G. The campaigner is committing a violation of the Communication And Multimedia Act 1998.

What will Redi2Infaq do with my complaint? Your complaint is sent to our Evaluation team. Our team will review your complaint and launch an investigation to verify the facts of the case. You might be contacted for further information in order to resolve the case, so make sure you enter your most recent contact details. You will be communicated the results of our investigation within 5 business days. How can I report a campaign? Click on the button ‘Quality Assurance’ present on the bottom of the website under ‘Legal’ site. You will be taken to a form which you have to submit to report the campaign.

2. Does Redi2Infaq store customer's payment details? We at Redi2Infaq gives utmost importance to safety. We work strictly towards the Personal Data Protection Act and do not store any customers' credit card information. The payment details are stored temporarily on the payment solution site, during the transaction session and on the order confirmation page.

3. How is a fundraiser verified by Redi2Infaq? Before starting a campaign, all campaigners undergo a KYC (Know Your Customer) verification, based on the submitted legal identity proofs and other supporting documents. A Redi2Infaq Executive also reviews the information submitted by the campaigner and if needed, gets in touch with the campaigner for further discussion. This may include visiting the campaigner to verify their existence. All campaigners at Redi2Infaq are also required to enter a digital agreement to raise funds. This agreement makes clear the ethical and legal standards campaigners must meet.

4. How is a donor's identity and payment information protected by Redi2Infaq? We at Redi2Infaq give utmost importance to safety. Redi2Infaq understands that you care about how your information is used and shared. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards with respect to the collection, storage and disclosure of personally identifiable donor and campaigner information. Redi2Infaq assures you that the information you provide is completely protected and that your donations are safe.

5. What is Redi2Infaq assured? Redi2Infaq is committed to raising funds only for genuine and verified campaigns. Redi2Infaq verifies all the documents that are uploaded on the campaign page. All raised funds are transferred to the beneficiary (beneficiary who is listed on the campaign page) within the promised time.


1. Can donated funds for an NGO be transferred to a personal account? No. Redi2Infaq practices absolute transparency and accountability. If the funds were raised in the name of an NGO then they cannot be transferred to a personal/corporate account.

2. Once launched, can I alter my campaign information? Apart from the goal amount and campaign end date, the campaigner has the rights to edit all the content on your page. We encourage campaigners to update the page regularly, give updates, share interesting facts and keep the supporters engaged.

3. How to get featured on home page? Redi2Infaq believes in merit. Based on a complex algorithm that factors in the number of visitors, number of supporters, social media shares, funds raised & conversion rates, the successful campaign will appear on the home page by default.

4. How to promote a campaign? Don't stop reaching out to the people in your network. Create a ripple effect.

5. If you don't reach your goal You will still receive the raised amount after the transactional processing fee.

6. How do I start a campaign? 1. Click on the ‘Add Campaign’ button.
2. Choose your purpose for campaign.
3. Fill the required information and submit the form.

7. How important is the content (pictures & story) in making my campaign successful? We strongly believe that well written content can single-handedly determine the success of the campaign. Not to imply that other factors aren't important, but content is certainly critical. Redi2Infaq has an in-house creative team that personally overlooks each campaign, and it shares feedback with the campaigners. Please make sure that you are using the appealing pictures and videos on your campaign.


1. Does Redi2Infaq really charge zero platform fees? Yes, Redi2Infaq will charge zero platform fee on all campaigns. Only payment gateway fee will be applicable, which directly goes to the service providers.

2. What do you mean by payment gateway charges? During an online transaction, a third party needs to process the payment securely & ensure safety. There are various service providers including banks and other payment wallets which charge a small fee for their service called the ‘payment gateway’ fee.